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Simple, Yet Powerful Features

Build a Better Customer Journey throughout
AI - Powered Chatbot

Convert your Visitors to Customers

Engage your customers and answer their questions like a Human would and leave a lasting impression.
Support Co-pilot

A Powerful sidekick for your Support team

A powerful Co-pilot by your Support team's side trained on all your Support tickets and Knowledge Base.
Support Agent

SOP trained agents for your partners and customers

AI Bots trained on a specific set of rules to simplify recurring tasks such as Partner Onboarding, Refund Management, Order Management, Internal communications.
Why Almo

Your Business deserves a New Age Customer Support Solution

24x7 available solution that combines an AI chatbot, Copilot and Support Agent to help you.
  • Drive Sales

    By Converting visitors to customers.

  • Increase Retention

    With a seamless Support Experience.

  • Build Loyalty

    Satisfied customer stay with you longer.


Really Simple Pricing

Easy to switch, upgrade, or cancel at any time.
MonthlyAnually2 months Free
$ 39
/ month

Perfect for startups

  • 2 Chatbot
  • 200 Webpages
  • 5000 GPT 3.5 messages/month


$ 399
/ month

Perfect for business

  • 20 Chatbots + Copilot +Agent
  • 3000 Webpages
  • 50000 GPT 3.5 messages/month


People Who Already Love Us

Easy to switch, upgrade, or cancel at any time.
Iruka Akuchi

"Almo chatbot can answer visitor's questions in real-time, which can help improve customer satisfaction and engagement"

7:49 PM · May 2, 2023
Clarke Gillebert

"The chatbot can take over some of the tasks that would normally be done by customer support staff, which can free up those staff members to focus on other tasks"

4:40 PM · Aug 23, 2023
Carole Chimako

"The chatbot conducts meaningful conversations with our customers which increased the time spent on website, reduced our bounce rates and improved SEO"

3:16 PM · Jun 15, 2023
Iruka Akuchi

"The pricing plan of Almo are great to start with. Compared to normal chatbots, it's way more cost effective with better features."

7:13 PM · May 18, 2023
Clarke Gillebert

"The chatbot can be scaled to handle large number of visitors, making it a great option for businesses with a high volume of traffic"

6:03 PM · Sep 22, 2023
Carole Chimako

"The chatbot can be customized to match your website's branding and personality, making it a more engaging and user-friendly experience for visitors."

9:12 PM · Oct 10, 2023
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